Potential Bets

Developing a platform that surfaces betting opportunities from football matches around the world.

The brief

Potential Bets enables sports bettors to instantly filter every football match worldwide to find potential bets and research them. It empowers anyone to find their own betting tips by making it quick, simple and fun to find potential bets, research them, and get the best odds.

Their aim is to make sports betting data accessible to anyone by automating the process of manually researching every football match worldwide in order to find potential bets.

We worked with the Potential Bets team to develop the web application and build the API that powers the service.

Building the product

The core of Potential Bets is an API which provides the match data. We built this API from scratch pulling in data from multiple sources to ensure global match coverage and accuracy. Match data is added to a noSQL database live updating based on the end time of the match. We chose noSQL for maximum scalability.

The frontend application is a responsive web-app designed to be mobile-first given the on-the-go nature of betting. It’s built using React Native for Web which, unlike conventional React, means we can use the same code on the web and mobile applications. As a newly released technology it required some experimentation, but we managed to create a stable component library that can be fully shared across platforms.

Users can find fixtures by either browsing, searching or filtering. They can view and compare statistics for every fixture. They can either view overall stats for both teams, or compare home team at home versus away team away from home. There are preset filters such as ‘Home wins’, or users can create their own by combining simple, statistic-based rules such as ‘Home team win rate at home is greater than 75%’.

The outcome

We continue to work with the Potential Bets team to support the web platform and upcoming mobile app. They have raised money to fund the development of their product roadmap through 2021.

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