Developing a subscription platform that allows creators to publish and distribute content using NFTs.

The concept

MintStars is a platform that allows content creators to publish content and distribute it to their subscribers using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that are unique and can be traded reliably between users. They are often used in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and have gained popularity in recent years as a way to represent ownership of digital assets.

The brief

The MintStars platform was developed to offer a new and innovative way for content creators to distribute their work and monetise it. When a content creator publishes a new piece of content on MintStars, they mint an NFT that represents that content. Subscribers to the content creator's profile are sent the NFT, which they can then use to access the content. Only holders of the NFT can access the content, which means that the NFTs have value as a way to access exclusive content.

In addition to providing access to content, the NFTs on MintStars can also be resold to other users. When an NFT is resold, the original content creator receives a percentage of the sale revenue. This allows content creators to continue to monetise their work even after it has been initially distributed to their subscribers.

Our approach

The development of MintStars involved extensive UX design and development work, as well as the integration of blockchain components and a backend system to support the platform. The team responsible for the project worked closely with content creators and other stakeholders to ensure that the platform met their needs and provided a seamless user experience.

MintStars utilises Helix - a crypto subscriptions product developed by Crowdform Labs, our venture studio. Helix enables MintStars to take recurring payments from a user's wallet without having to authorise the payment each time.

The outcome

MintStars launched in late 2022, and has been well-received by content creators and subscribers. The platform's innovative use of NFTs has provided a new and effective way for content creators to distribute and monetise their work, while also offering subscribers exclusive access to high-quality content.

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